An analysis and my UX improvement proposal

My team at work organises weekly sharing sessions where we each take turns to share about an external product and how we can improve it based on the given topic. It was my turn to share last week on how to improve the Netflix Kids experience for parents. Thought it would be nice to pen my thoughts down here on Medium as well, so here goes!

Kids, and Parents as a Target Audience

It’s easy to see why Netflix would choose to focus on kids and parents as one of their key audiences.

“About half of Netflix’s 75 million members regularly watch kids’ movies or TV shows…

(from someone with a non-technical background)

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Growing up, I’ve always leaned towards the more ‘creative’ side of things. I took subjects such as Literature in high school and junior college, majored in Communications in university, and even dabbled in making resin art as a side hobby for awhile. I remember reading close to 7 fiction books a week when I was young — I loved reading so much and wanted to become an author when I grew up.

My first foray into the world of tech was at the age of 21, when I applied for a digital marketing internship at a large insurance firm. There…

So begins an embarkation on my first ever UX case study evaluation. Having read multiple Medium articles on this topic, I was itching to give this whole process a go. E-commerce apps are not exactly the easiest to evaluate and re-design given their navigation complexities, but I chose Shopee as my case study of choice because I wanted to give myself a challenge.

In this case study, I will be focusing on Shopee’s mobile application instead of the portal.

*Note: I was not affiliated with Shopee at the point of publication and this redesign was done on my own accord.

About Shopee

Jasmine Tay

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